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We’re here to help in any way we can. Whether it be about one of our exciting current products or services, your beloved classic Holden, or looking for your nearest Holden Dealership, our team is ready to help. We understand that ownership goes beyond the purchase of your vehicle and we are here to make sure your ownership experience exceeds your expectations.

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Customer Care FAQ

In most cases, the radio pin code will be accessible via a "security card" which is included with the vehicle when it is delivered. If a radio pin code is required for the vehicle, and the security card is not accessible, please contact your nearest Holden Dealer or Customer Care for assistance.

Proof of ownership and ID is required to obtain the radio code. Once the relevant details have been collected, your Dealer can then use these details to supply the correct radio pin/security code for your vehicle. There is no charge for this service, however please ensure that the radio pin / security card is kept in a safe place in case it is required down the track.

Instructions to enter your PIN code:

1.Switch ignition to accessories position

2.Switch on radio, if turned off

3.The display will show 'CODE'

4.Press and hold the AS button (number 8) until a beep is heard and release the AS button. The display shows '10- - - -', which indicates that you have 10 attempts left at entering the correct PIN code

5.Enter the PIN code with preset buttons 1, 2, 3, 4.

If the pin code belonging to the radio is 3650.
Press preset button number 1, 4 times
Press preset button number 2, 7 times
Press preset button number 3, 6 times
Press preset button number 4, 1 time

(You are pressing the preset button one more time than what the pin code represents)

6.Press and hold the AS (number 8) until a beep is heard and the radio starts operating. If a wrong PIN code has been entered the display will show '9 SAFE'. After the waiting time '9 - - - -' will be shown on the display indicating that there are nine attempts left. The correct code should now be entered.

If you have any questions regarding outstanding recalls, please contact your nearest Holden Dealer to make a service appointment. You will need to provide proof of ID during this appointment. You can also contact the Holden Recall line on 1800 632 826.

Please visit your Holden dealership for details about software updates in your vehicle.

To locate your nearest Holden Dealer, please refer to this link:
or please contact Holden Customer Care 1800 033 349.

You will need to drop into your nearest Holden dealership to purchase a replacement Owner?s Manual. To locate your nearest Holden dealership, click here

Yes. You can contact us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @HoldenSupport

Your vehicle comes with one year of Standard Roadside Assistance. You will receive this support for a full year, from the first date of registration, compliments of Holden. You can check your coverage and upgrade here:

Holden Genuine parts are sold and supported by Holden dealerships Australia-wide. Please drop into the parts department of your nearest Holden dealership.

Each vehicle has a unique serial number which is used by the automotive industry to identify individual vehicles. This is known as an International Standards Organisation Vehicle Identification Number (ISOVIN or VIN). The VIN consists of a structured combination of 17 characters and is located on the bottom corner of the windscreen on the passengers side. A VIN stays with the vehicle for its entire life and is often used by service departments to identify the vehicle and service parts. Other organisations including Insurance companies may also refer to VINs as a means of identifying a vehicle.

Holden Genuine Parts are designed and manufactured to strict exacting standards. No compromises are made ensuring parts are of high quality. The durability and reliability of Holden Genuine Parts ensures the part performs as it should, and in turn, so does your Holden. Holden Genuine Parts are easier to fit because they fit right the first time, every time. A 2 year/50,000km warranty covers all Holden Genuine Parts giving you peace of mind. Keeping your Holden Genuine will also help maximise the resale value of your vehicle when it's time to buy a new Holden.

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