Conditions of Supply

Holden Roadside Assistance is provided based on the following conditions:

Service Costs: Roadside Assistance covers all eligible Holden vehicles at the roadside, as described in the Service Features, except parts not covered under warranty and additional equipment or arrangements requested as per these conditions of supply.

Trafficable Roads: Service can only be provided to vehicles on a constructed road/driveway that is legally trafficable by a conventional two wheel drive vehicle and/or towing recovery vehicle.

Service Limitations: Roadside Assistance services will be refused where, under initial inspection, it can be reasonably determined that the vehicle has undergone major body modifications or has been participating in any form of motor sport, the driver has been engaged in unlawful activity or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or where there is a perceived safety risk in supplying any of the services.

Bogged Vehicles: Roadside Assistance will be provided if your vehicle becomes stranded on a trafficable road and where no special equipment is required (e.g. power winches or extended cables).

Vehicle Rescue: If your vehicle has become disabled off a legally trafficable road such as a beach, field or creek bed, Roadside Assistance will attempt vehicle rescue; however, this will be at the driver's expense.

Remote Areas: In remote areas you may experience delays in obtaining Roadside Assistance owing to your location, the availability of the Service Provider and accessibility. Remote areas are defined as areas within Australia that are sparsely populated and where normal Auto Club services are not readily available.

Attempted Repairs: Should you request Roadside Assistance the Service Provider will examine the vehicle upon arrival. If it is found that a third party has attempted repairs causing further problems and the Service Provider considers the vehicle cannot be started or driven without risk of further damage, service may be refused. In these circumstances the driver will be responsible for any towing costs incurred.

Collision/Accident: If your vehicle is damaged as a result of a collision or impact with any object, whether caused by mechanical failure or for any other reason or incident (including fire), towing assistance can be arranged at the driver's expense.

Home Assistance: Roadside Assistance will be provided at the home address in the same way as at roadside. However, during times of peak demand, 'at roadside' calls will be given priority over that of 'at home' calls for assistance.

Unattended Vehicles: The driver, or a representative, must wait with the vehicle until the Service Provider arrives. Unattended vehicles will not be serviced under any circumstances. Where the driver has elected an authorised representative, the representative must hold a current driver's license in case the vehicle is required to be moved. Where the vehicle is found to be unattended, any subsequent calls for assistance will be at the driver's expense.

Special Equipment: Should special equipment be necessary to deliver effective service and/or where the Service Provider is required to make arrangements for the supply of any special equipment, the additional cost will be the driver's responsibility. For Ultra customers, these additional costs are covered.

Natural Disasters / Industrial Disputes: If a natural disaster or an industrial dispute places extraordinary demands on service resources, Holden Roadside Assistance may alter and/or offer alternative assistance. If a disabled vehicle cannot be reached owing to events such as floods or bushfires etc, Holden Roadside Assistance will endeavor to provide whatever assistance is practicable under the circumstances.

Damage during Service: If you believe your vehicle has been damaged as a result of a Roadside Assistance service, you should contact a Holden Customer Service Operator on 1800 GM Holden (1800 46 465 336). The vehicle in question must be inspected by a person authorized by Holden and agreement gained prior to any further repairs being undertaken.

Towing: If unable to mobilise your vehicle from the breakdown site, then towing will be supplied where the following applies:

Metropolitan Areas: In the metropolitan area your vehicle will be towed to the nearest Holden Dealer or up to a distance of 20 kilometers, and for Ultra customers up to 50 kilometers, should you choose an alternate towing destination. Any additional towing will be charged to the driver. Should the breakdown occur out of Holden Dealer business hours, your vehicle will be stored and delivered to the nearest Holden Dealer on the next available working day.

Country Areas: In country areas, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest Holden Dealer or the Roadside Service Provider's facility, whichever is nearer. If your vehicle cannot be mobilised at the Service Provider's facility, your vehicle will be transported to the nearest Holden Dealer as soon as is practicable.

Caravans and/or any form of registered trailer will be transported to the same destination as your vehicle if it becomes disabled.

Towing Limitations: Towing will only be provided if the vehicle can be transported within the legal weight and physical dimension limitations of the Service Provider's standard network equipment. For vehicles exceeding these limitations and/or where specialist towing equipment is required, towing will be arranged at the driver's expense.

Metropolitan Taxi Service: Where Roadside Assistance offers a taxi journey to the driver as a result of the vehicle being unable to be driven due to a mechanical breakdown, a one way journey will be provided from the incident site up to the value of $55*. Any additional fares and/or subsequent taxi trips will be at the expense of the driver.

Tyre/Wheel Changing: Holden Roadside Assistance will help you replace a damaged tyre/ wheel with your vehicle's spare. Where the spare is not serviceable, roadworthy or compatible, a tow to the nearest facility that is able to supply and/or repair the tyre/wheel will be provided at the driver's expense. For Ultra customers, this tow is covered.

Flat Battery: If you are unable to start your vehicle because of a flat battery, the Service Provider will attempt to jump-start your vehicle. If the vehicles original battery is found to be faulty and is still covered by the 12 month battery warranty, a replacement battery will be arranged and installed. If your battery is out of warranty a replacement battery can be arranged and installed at your expense.

Cargo: Holden or its Service Provider will accept no responsibility for the security and/or any loss associated with a disabled vehicle's cargo which may result from providing Roadside Assistance and/or towing.

Neglect and/or Abuse: Holden or its Service Provider will not be responsible for additional or increased costs and expenses owing as a result of vehicle abuse or neglect by the owner/driver. Repeated incidents by an owner/driver of a similar nature where it can be reasonably determined that the frequency and/or type of incident is a direct result of owner/driver negligence will result in a suspension of Roadside Assistance services.

Ultra-Roadside Assistance Upgrade: The upgrade covers the vehicle for the period of the balance of any existing Roadside Assistance coverage. The additional benefits of Ultra Roadside Assistance are available 72 hours after joining. Benefits are not available in respect of mechanical failure or breakdown which occurs prior to joining.

Personal Effects for Ultra Customers: You are covered for up to $250* per annum in the event of your personal effects and/or clothing being damaged or stolen as a result of your vehicle breaking down, being stolen or involved in an accident. Goods carried in conjunction with any business, occupation, cash or credit cards are excluded.

Personal Benefits: Additional cover of up to $1,100* per annum for you and up to four passengers should you experience a breakdown, accident or theft of your vehicle more than 100km from home, and where your car will be disabled for more than 24 hours, or in the case of a stolen vehicle, has officially been reported to the appropriate authorities. The following entitlements are included:

Car Rental for Ultra Customers: Subject to driver qualification and allowances. For up to 3 nights where the Car Rental benefit is exercised in conjunction with Accommodation, and up to 5 nights where the Accommodation benefit is not exercised to a maximum value of $110* per day. Stamp duty, insurance, vehicle relocation and/or petrol costs are for your expense.


Accommodation for Ultra Customers: When an eligible incident has occurred overnight accommodation may be provided subject to availability. Holden Ultra Roadside Assistance will provide Accommodation Only for up to three nights to a maximum value of $132* per night.


Alternative Ground Transportation for Ultra Customers: Where Car Rental is not available or where the rental car company refuses to provide a rental car to any driver of a covered vehicle due to the driver's age or driving licence limitations or restrictions, or for any other reason beyond the Holden Roadside Assistance Provider's control, alternative ground transportation will be provided to your home address or intended destination. Return transportation will be provided for one person to retrieve your vehicle if required.

Vehicle Recovery for Ultra Customers: Where your vehicle cannot be repaired locally, or within a reasonable timeframe as determined by the Holden Roadside Assistance Provider, then your vehicle will be recovered to an authorised Holden Dealer/Agent, your home address or your intended destination anywhere within Australia.

Medical Repatriation for Ultra Customers: Up to $5,500* per annum where you or any passengers become unexpectedly ill or injured whilst motoring, more than 100 kilometres from home, in the covered vehicle and require hospitalisation for three days or more. Subject to the consent of the treating doctor, and where an accepting medical facility closer to the patient's home is available.

Sale of Vehicle: Holden Roadside Assistance stays with the vehicle, so if you sell your vehicle during its coverage, it is still eligible for the balance of the Holden Roadside Assistance. The new owner simply registers for the service by using the change of ownership form supplied in the owner's handbook or Roadside Assistance booklet.

Expiration: Time limits apply. See your Welcome pack for details.

General Customer Comments: Please direct any comments or concerns regarding the Roadside Assistance program and/or the service/s provided, to a Holden Customer Service Operator on 1800 GM Holden (1800 46 465 336).

For information on Holden's privacy policy click here or call Holden Customer Assistance on 1800 GM Holden (1800 46 465 336).

Note: Holden reserves the right to change the Service Provider's conditions and supply procedures at any time, without notice.

*Prices quoted are inclusive of GST