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It's no secret that Australians love their Utes, and Holden's utility range isn't just about work vehicles: our V6 and V8 Utes are not only built to work, but designed for pleasure with the power to take on anything your busy life throws at them. The line-up includes the Holden Ute, SV6, SS, SSV Redline and Colorado.

All our 4x4 utility vehicles, whether dual, space or single cab, are ready to help you through your day. Within our Holden Ute range, you'll find impressive features like a 5-star ANCAP safety rating across VF Ute range and Colorado range, incredible technology and audio, load carrying and towing capability, and feature-filled interiors. There's performance and efficiency for every lifestyle, so view our work and play utes for sale today at Holden.

Holden Ute

This is the unmistakable Holden Ute: tuned for performance and better looking than ever. The new Ute is a whole new ball game: bold, brilliant and beautiful.

Park Assist
Rear View
Holden Ute Ute

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Holden Colorado Ute

At home, on the worksite, or out on the road for the weekend, the Colorado Truck is the perfect partner for anyone. Available in both 2-door single cab, 2-door space cab, and 4-door crew cab, this Ute will not be outdone.

5 Star
ANCAP Rating
Electric Power
Colorado 4x4 Single Cab Chassis LX

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FAQ for the hardworking man's car

The iconic Australian car, Utes continue to dominate the market in style and versatility. Don't know the difference between a single cab and a dual cab ute? Read our FAQ below for more information.


A ute is an abbreviation of ‘Utility Vehicle,’ which is a truck with low sides, designed for carrying small loads. A Ute is an all-steel-bodied utility vehicle that carries out particular tasks, such as towing, that general vehicles usually cannot perform.

Yes, there are many different types of utes, such as an Armoured Utility Vehicle, a Sports Utility Vehicle, a Crossover Utility Vehicle, and the most common type in Australia – the Tray Utility Vehicle or Coupe Utility Vehicle.

A single cab ute is a utility vehicle that has two-doors (one row of seats), and a dual cab is a four-door ute (two rows of seats.)

There are many benefits to buying a ute, especially if you’re a tradesperson – you can put your tools in the tray without compromising space. Another benefit to buying a ute is that you can transport large objects without hiring a moving truck. Finally, there are also added tax benefits if you use your ute primarily for work purposes.

Yes. For example, if you buy a dual cab ute such as the Holden Colorado Ute, the four doors and two rows of seats means that you can bring your family (and even your dog!) with you on any adventure.

Yes. All Holden utes have a 5-star ANCAP rating. Furthermore, the Holden Ute also features Automatic Park Assist and a range of other safety features that provide extra protection, whether you’re driving to a job or taking your ute off-road.

Absolutely. Utes are an Australian icon, originally manufactured to carry small loads, such as tool boxes, to and from work sites. Now the trays have increased in size and enable you to carry more equipment, as well as any extras.

If you opt for a diesel engine, then you will save on fuel considerably. The Holden Colorado has an impressive fuel economy for its weight and size, with fuel economy as low as 9.1L/100km1.

1Fuel economy based on ADR 81/02 testing for combined urban/extra urban driving. These figures are provided to assist you in comparing the fuel consumption of this vehicle with other vehicles. Fuel consumption depends on factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle condition, vehicle load and your driving style.

This all depends on whether you buy a single cab or a dual cab. For the single cab, you can accommodate up to two passengers; for the dual cab ute, you can fit up to four passengers in your vehicle, not including you, the driver.

The tray at the back of the ute acts as a substitute boot, and provides endless space for you to put your tools, trail bikes, camping equipment, and even your pet dog!

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