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Holden Complete Care - Essential Service - Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions, including Frequently Asked Questions, (Terms & Conditions) govern the Holden Essential Service Program (Program). Holden may amend the Program and these Terms & Conditions at any time, from time to time, without notice. Such changes will become effective immediately on publication unless stated otherwise.

Under the Program, Customers may choose to have an Essential Service (as described below) performed on their vehicle. See section 6 for a detailed explanation of what is included in an Essential Service.

The Program commences on 1 January 2018, and may end at Holden's discretion, without prior notice.

A Holden Vehicle which is an Eligible Vehicle can participate in the Program at any time from the first kilometre travelled by the Eligible Vehicle, provided that at the time it participates in the Program, it is registered with an Australian State or Territory road transport authority on or before the Program end date.

A. What is an Eligible Vehicle?
An "Eligible Vehicle" is:

  • a Holden Vehicle, registered before the Program end date.

The Service Price for each model of Eligible Vehicle is calculated at one price point. However, individual parts and vehicle systems are affected differently, depending on the distance travelled, time in use and driving conditions. During the performance of an Essential Service or Vehicle Health Check, additional parts may need to be inspected and/or replaced and a longer period of time may be spent by Holden's factory-trained technicians. Any additional service items required will be discussed with the Customer prior to any additional work being performed. These additional items will be at the Customers expense.

An Essential Service conducted under the Program is a basic maintenance service only, with the following items only performed by the Holden Dealer:

  1. engine oil replacement;
  2. oil filter replacement;
  3. vehicle health check; and
  4. tyre rotation (if required).

An Essential Service differs from the full service schedule. Holden Dealers will not stamp the scheduled service completion coupon in the Service Warranty booklet when only an Essential Service has been performed. They will however, record the details of the service in the 'additional service requirements or coupon' section of the booklet. An Essential Service is intended to be used in the event of vehicle being 'in between' scheduled service intervals, in preparation of a trip etc. For an older model Holden vehicle, an Essential Service is a regular basic maintenance service. A Vehicle Health Check may reveal additional maintenance or other service related items are required to ensure the vehicle is operating as designed, efficiently or safely. If any additional service or maintenance work is required that is not covered by the Program, the authorised Holden Dealer will discuss any additional costs with the Customer prior to performing any such additional work.

Holden Dealers will use genuine Holden parts for all relevant Scheduled Services, except where genuine Holden parts are no longer available.

To receive the benefit of the Service Price, Customers must have the service performed at an authorised Holden Dealer.

The entitlements under the Program cannot be transferred to any other vehicle. The Program entitlements remain with the Eligible Vehicle for the duration of the Program. However, Program entitlements can be transferred between subsequent owners of the same Eligible Vehicle.

For clarity, in the Terms & Conditions a reference to Essential Service means basic maintenance items listed in section 6.