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Bluetooth® technology will enable the user to link a compatible phone or device to the vehicle for hands free operation. Your Bluetooth® capable phone or device must be inside the vehicle for it to connect to the vehicle system. Select your phone manufacturer from the selection below to check compatibility.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology:

Bluetooth® Compatibility...

Model Software Call Handling Enhanced Voice Control Phonebook Access Audio Streaming SMS Text Messaging
  • Compatible - The tested phone and software version is compatible with the Bluetooth® function listed.
  • Partially Compatible - The tested phone and software version may only partially function with the Bluetooth® function listed.
  • Not Compatible - The tested phone and software version is not compatible with the Bluetooth® function listed.
  • Text Message - Feature available with Apple CarPlay? and Android? Auto.
iPod, iPhone and Apple CarPlay are registered trademark of Apple Inc. Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

Important Information

The smartphones listed have been tested for compatibility with vehicles fitted with Holden Mylink by a third party under controlled conditions. Performance of your smartphone in Holden vehicles may vary in the future based on smartphone software versions and network coverage, therefore this information should be used as a guide only. If your smartphone supports Bluetooth® but is not listed on the website, this simply means it has not been tested for compatibility. However, there is a possibility that some of the Bluetooth® features may still work, but neither partial nor full functionality can be assured.

For these reasons please consult your local Holden Dealership or call Holden Customer Care on 1800 GM Holden (1800 46 465 336) if you require further information. Please note that smartphones are warranted by their manufacturer, not Holden.

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