Roadside Assistance

Opel Assist Plus

Roadside Assistance will be provided 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for every Opel. Your vehicle receives 36 months complimentary coverage from our Roadside Assistance program, from the date of your vehicle's first registration. The remainder of your Opel Assist Plus package is covered by GM Holden.

What is Covered?

Opel Assist Plus is a comprehensive package, giving you unlimited calls for Roadside Assistance. All services provided are subject to the terms and conditions found in this guide.

The frequency of calls for Service is unlimited and Service coverage is Australia wide. If something goes wrong, call for assistance on 1800 753 381. You'll receive this support for 3 years from the date of first registration, compliments of Opel.

Assist you in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

Tow if your vehicle has broken down and we're unable to get it mobile.

Change your vehicle's tyre/wheel in case of a flat.

Jump-start your vehicle if your battery is flat.

Provide a single one way metropolitan taxi fare to a maximum of $55 (including GST) if your vehicle has broken down and cannot be made mobile.

Provide personal care and assistance when you need it most. If you or your vehicle is involved in an accident, vehicle theft and/or medical emergency, we'll:

  • Provide advice on what to do and who to call.
  • Relay messages on your behalf to people affected by your delay or to your insurer.
  • Arrange special transportation and repatriation, at your expense, to a medical facility closer to home, if you or a passenger become ill or injured and require hospitalisation for three days or more.
  • Opening your vehicle, if you've lost your keys or locked them in the car.
  • Providing enough fuel to get your vehicle to the nearest service station, if you've run out.
  • Additional Metro Taxi Service to the value of $55.00 (including GST) should your vehicle be stolen or involved in a car accident.


Plus cover for the driver and up to four passengers should you experience a breakdown greater than 100km from home and where your car will be disabled for more than 24 hours, including the following entitlements:

- Accommodation for up to 3 nights to a maximum value of $120.00 (including GST) per night, where your vehicle can be mobilised locally; and

- Car rental for up to 3 days to a maximum value of $110.00 (including GST) per day (in conjunction with accommodation)


- Vehicle recovery to your intended destination or home (Australia wide), where your vehicle cannot be locally repaired; and

- Car rental for up to 5 days to a maximum value of $110.00 (including GST) per day to continue your journey; or

- Accommodation for up to 3 nights to a maximum value of $132.00 (including GST) per night;


- Alternative ground transport (where car rental is not available);


- Medical repatriation to a maximum value of $5,500 (including GST), should you or one of your passengers become unexpectedly ill or injured and require hospitalisation, where the injured person requests and with the consent of the treating doctor, the patient will be repatriated to a medical facility closer to the patient's home address which can provide ongoing medical care.

Click here for the full Opel Assist Plus Terms and Conditions.