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With a heavy heart, Holden announced on Monday the 17th of February 2020 that General Motors will be retiring the Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand. This decision has not been taken lightly, especially considering the iconic status of the Holden brand and the contribution it has made not only to GM, but to the development of the economies of Australia and New Zealand.

As a result of the GM Holden decision, Holden Financial Services will continue to be of service to our current customers, however we are not currently providing new loan accounts to the marketplace. We understand that you may have some queries in respect to your loan account and your Holden vehicle. Our Q&A’s can be found here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

No, you can continue with your loan and your terms and conditions and scheduled loan repayments are unchanged.

Yes, this is unchanged. The HGV amount is subject to you keeping and returning your vehicle in an acceptable condition in accordance with the Fair Wear and Tear guidelines. The HGV amount may be reduced, if you do not keep your vehicle in an acceptable condition and/or you exceed your nominated kilometre allowance.

Yes, this is unchanged. An excess kilometre charge will be applied for each kilometre you travel above your nominated kilometre allowance in your loan contract.