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Holden driver interacting with their Apple CarPlay system

Mobile Made

Like you, the new Holden Trax loves mobile phones. So we shot this entire campaign on one! With Apple CarPlay®, Android® Auto and a 7” colour touchscreen, the new Trax connects you with your favourite people, music and maps* wherever you go. *Only compatible with devices supporting Apple CarPlay® and Android® Auto. Data rate plans may apply.

Jane Lu

Stylish, smart and driven, Jane's turned her love of Facebook and online shopping into global fashion boutique, Showpo.

Jane Lu creating the video using her smartphone

Taking care of business

From carting clothes to a photoshoot to knowing what's happening in the office, we followed Jane as she took care of business without missing a beat.

Jane Lu meets up with her squad

Nikki Van Dijk

Hailing from Phillip Island, Nikki's one of Australia's top professional surfers and at just 23 years old, her adventures will only get more exciting.

Nikki Van Dijk surfing in the ocean

Beachside breaks

Taking a quick break from the Women's Surfing League World Tour, all Nikki was searching for was some sun. Thankfully, Siri and the new Trax had her covered.

Nikki Van Dijk in the Holden Trax

Luke Nguyen

Celebrity chef and owner of Sydney's Red Lantern restaurant, Luke's famous for his modern Vietnamese cooking all over the world.

Luke Nguyen giving his dish a taste test

Serving up a feast

From stocking up on fresh market produce for his head chef Kenji to a classic Vietnamese lunch, follow Luke's Instagram-worthy adventure packed full of flavour.

Luke Nguyen driving the Holden Trax

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