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For a company that has been colouring the world with their paints for over 200 years, you could say they're tickled pink with their choice of Holden to supply their fleet network. For the past six years, Valspar and Holden Fleet have built a great relationship that takes advantage of the great Holden vehicle range, and the personalised service that the Holden Fleet team offers.

Valspar's core reason for using a Holden Fleet

Vehicle Choice

Vehicle Choice

Vehicle Size & Comfort

Vehicle Size & Comfort

Prompt Service

Prompt Service

Client Relationship

Client Relationship

Valspar's Story

Company Milestones

Tracey Compton is the National Fleet Co-Ordinator for Valspar Australia, a busy job considering how many Valspar staff are out and about in their vehicles on a daily basis.

Obviously with a footprint across Australia, Valspar's fleet vehicle requirements are pretty diverse.

"A lot of our reps in cities are driving Evoke wagons because they're big enough to carry all their trade equipment. But then our regional teams need something bigger still. The Victorian team use the Colorado 4x4 diesel and the Northern Territory team drive the Colorado 4x2 diesel."

"Our managers tend to prefer something more like the SV6 sedan, or if they don't want something so sporty they might go for the Malibu. Our Executive management team drives the Calais."

So is it hard to keep track of all the vehicle requirements for the Valspar team?

"Actually, the choice of Holden vehicles makes my job easier as I can cater for a wide range of vehicle needs and preferences. The staff love their Holdens. They're classier and more comfortable and in my ten years in my job, I've hardly had any issues at all with Holden compared to
other fleet suppliers."

Tracey has quite a big responsibility on her hands, ensuring the Valspar team are happy on the road. And the size of that team can grow very quickly.

"Sometimes I get maybe 2 days' notice that a new staff member is coming in, and of course they need a car. With Holden, it's not a problem. They're always ready to help and a car is ready for the new employee on their first day."

"That has a lot to do with my direct relationship with my Holden Fleet Business Development Manager, Norma Nohra. But we also have close relationships with our local Holden dealers who provide all of our servicing and are always happy to help."

Tracey Compton

Around seventy per cent of our staff are out taking paints to clients every day, so they need vehicles that are big enough, reliable enough and that offer comfort and modern technology.

— Tracey Compton, Valspar Australia

So, if Tracey had to paint a picture in terms of her relationship with Holden fleet, what would it be?

"If I had to rate Holden out of 100, I'd give them... maybe... 98. That's how good they are!"

Well, we're all blushing red here at Holden, Tracey. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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