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Running a fleet of over 700 vehicles, you could be forgiven for thinking that price is the main consideration for the fleet division of a company as big as BOC. But for the largest industrial gas company in Australia, it's all about relationships.

BOC's core reason for using a Holden Fleet

Great Relationships

Great Relationships

Customer Support

Customer Support

Safety & Performance

Safety & Performance

Space & Comfort

Space & Comfort

BOC's Story

Company Milestones

As BOC's Category Manager for Fleet, Senthu Jegasothy is responsible for delivering fleet solutions across both Australia and New Zealand. When he took over the role, BOC had just moved its fleet range over to Holden given the greater choice in vehicles.

"First and foremost, you have to have a good relationship with your fleet supplier. If you're only interested in price then you end up with the cheapest option which often leads to more problems and complaints from your staff. I don't want to cop all that flack! Stakeholder
engagement is essential."

From day one, Senthu says his job was made so much easier because of the great support offered by his Holden Fleet Business Development Manager, Norma Nohra.

"Norma is always just a phone call away. To be honest, I'm not sure if we could replicate the sort of relationship we have with Holden both at a corporate and dealership level. You just know that they are genuinely interested in helping you run your business."

"Our reps are out doing between 25 to 40 thousand kilometres per year. Their vehicle is basically their office so we need to make sure that we can offer our staff the vehicles they need to do their job comfortably and safely as possible, while for the business, we need to know that we have a fleet supplier who can deliver the service and support we need."

So, does Senthu ever cop any flack from BOC staff for the vehicles that have been selected specific to BOC's requirements?

"No, they do pretty well out of it actually. For example, we're interested in the safety, performance and comfort levels of our vehicles especially since downsizing from previously larger vehicles in the passenger car space. So going for a cheap model doesn't work in our favour, it is not always about price. So we've chosen to spec' up the Cruze to the SRI-V model with all the creature comforts and added performance. And we also have the Colorado range for our commercial applications. That keeps them happy!"

Senthu Jegasothy

Our fleet priority, first and foremost, is about relationships. I don't want a disgruntled workforce.

— Senthu Jegasothy, BOC

And what about recommending Holden Fleet to other businesses?

"Holden has set a really high benchmark at a corporate and dealer level. If we changed manufacturer I just don't think we could get the same sort of working relationship. And we're all confident in the relationship. The stakeholders are happy with how we're going.
And that's a good thing!"

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