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All our accessories are designed and manufactured specifically for the Colorado.

Engineered and tested

They’re built to the highest quality standards, with rigorous testing throughout the development process.

With a generous warranty

We’re so confident in our accessories, they’re backed by a solid warranty.

Available Australia-wide

Supported by Holden’s vast nationwide Dealer Network.

The Ultimate Colorado Surf Truck

Driving over sand dunes and through the bush to find that perfect secret left is made that much easier with our ultimate Colorado surf truck, designed by Australian pro surfer, Matt Wilkinson.


Matt Wilkinson

What do you do if you need a car that’s going to get you to your favourite surf spot? Well, if your name is Matt Wilkinson you come to Holden’s Port Melbourne Design Studio and design it before going for the most extreme test drive possible at Holden’s top secret proving ground. The result? Well, you’re looking at it. The Ultimate Colorado Surf Truck. Cheers Wilko!

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Testing & Development

All of our accessories are specifically designed and engineered to suit your Holden. Extensively tested, you’ll find unparalleled technology processes behind every product.