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Motor racing is an exciting spectacle. It captures the competitive, sporting spirit of all Australians from the diehard fans to families on a fun day out. However, Holden Motorsport is also much more than winning races.

It's about using the track as a proving ground. It's about taking what we learn from the track to not only develop better drivers and better racing cars but better passenger cars too. Safer, lighter, more aerodynamic, more fuel efficient passenger vehicles.

Holden Motorsport

When we learn how to reduce mass, improve aerodynamics and perfect engine calibration on the track we take this knowledge to help us do the same on the road.

All these factors combine to bring Australia cars that offer better fuel efficiency, lower emissions and are cheaper to run. These are just a few of the many reasons why motorsports are important to Holden and important to all Australians both now and into the future.

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Holden State of Origin

The National Rugby League is the top league in Australasia having evolved into a national league from the NSW Rugby League in 1998. As one of the most popular sports in Australia, it isn't surprising to know that it is one of the most watched sports on Australian television.

Everyone knows, or has heard of, the Holden State of Origin; the gruelling best of three series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues. The series has become considered one of Australia's most intense sporting rivalries, having first spawned in 1980. The winning team not only walks away with the prized Holden State of Origin Shield, but also claims the bragging rights till the next year.

Holden is the official car company of the National Rugby League and naming rights partner to the Holden Cup, Holden State of Origin and Holden Kangaroos. Holden is also the major sponsor of the Holden Monster Raffle.

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Holden Cup

The National Youth Competition, known as the Holden Cup, is an important pathway to the NRL for under-20s players. Players from nine clubs have been chosen to form the Holden Cup Team of the Year and have been recognized as the rising stars of the league.

Holden is not only proud to support the development of the talented and young athletes within the sport, but also the importance placed through the "No Work, No Study, No Play" policy. This philosophy requires players to pursue educational or professional paths in tandem with their sporting careers to ensure they are prepared for life after they finish playing NRL.

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Collingwood FC

The Collingwood Football Club is the biggest and most well-known sporting club in Australia, with membership over 80,000.

Formed in 1892, Collingwood is one of the AFL's most successful clubs, having won 15 of the 43 Grand Finals they have played in to date.

As a platinum partner, Holden is a proud sponsor of the Collingwood Football Club head coach and side by side coaches and the exclusive motor vehicle partner.

This sponsorship marks the return to AFL for Holden, after an absence of over 15 years.

Women's Cycling

If you've ever come across a team of cyclists wearing the big Holden lion out on the roads or on SBS' Cycling Central, chances are you've seen the Holden Cycling Team in action. Since 2012, Holden has been the naming rights sponsor of an elite Australian women's cycling team, which includes eight talented and aspiring professional female cyclists: Brooke Anderson, Jemma Brown, Jenelle Crooks, Ruth Corset, Serene Lee, Shannon Malseed, Ellen Skerritt & Joanne Tralaggan.

The Holden Women's Cycling team races in the Australian National Road Series, developing some of its riders to reach the top echelons of the pro American and European ranks.

Scramble Golf

Since its inception in 1992, Holden has been the naming rights sponsor of the Holden Scramble, making it one of the longest running sponsorships in Australia.

With over 800,000 players participating in over 8,000 events, it is now one of Australia's largest and most successful pro-amateur team events.

For more information, visit the Holden Scramble website here.

Cam Smith

Captain of the QLD Holden State of Origin team and captain of the Holden Kangaroos.

Scott Pendlebury

The current captain of the Collingwood Football Club, since taking over from Nick Maxwell in February 2014. Scott has been with Holden since 2013, the season which also saw Scott win his second Copeland Trophy, Collingwood's 'Best and Fairest'.

Levi Greenwood

Drafted to Collingwood from North Melbourne in 2015, the same year he came on board as a Holden ambassador.

Steele Sidebottom

A Holden ambassador since the beginning of the 2015 home-and-away season, Steele Sidebottom was drafted to Collingwood in 2008 and was the youngest player in the 2010 premiership side.

Sharelle McMahon

Former captain of the Australian Netball Diamonds and co-captain of the Melbourne Vixens, Sharelle McMahon has since retired from playing and is currently pursuing a media career.

Kim Green

Currently an Australian Netball Diamond and co-captain of the NSW Swifts.

Erin Bell

Joining the stable of Holden Netball ambassadors in 2014, Erin Bell is one of the world's best Goals Attacks. Having played pivotal match-winning roles in both domestic and International series, she is known as one of the elite players in Australia.

Mel McLaughlin

Currently a sports presenter with Channel 10, Mel McLoughlin has been brought on board as one of the ambassadors for the Holden Home Ground Advantage program and the European vehicle launch.

Alex Davis

The partner of Holden ambassador and Collingwood captain, Scott Pendlebury, Alex Davis came on board as one of the ambassadors for the European vehicle launch.

Top Door Slammer

Top Doorslammer is a class of Australian drag racing which showcases an impressive array of supercharged V8 vehicles. The Holden Trade Club's Maurice Fabietti is a notable competitor within the Top Doorslammer Group 1 category. Maurice's Holden Monaro has led him to countless achievements including his entry into the Top Doorslammer 5 Second Club by running a quarter mile in a 5 second range.