Australian future

While local manufacturing will end in 2017, Holden is looking forward to building on our 150 year Australian history. With over 200 dealerships, a local Proving Ground to tune and test cars and over 14,000 employees across the nation, Holden is looking forward to a long Australian future.

Australian for 150 years and counting

See the future at Holden

We are in the middle of the largest revamping of the Holden range and will include all-new entrants in the crucial SUV
market segment.
Holden’s Future Product Portfolio

Holden's future product portfolio

more than one-third will be sourced from Europe.

GM Australia Design

Holden's Global Design centre continues to contribute to local and global product programs.
Home Ground Advantage

Home Ground Advantage

Holden's $5 million, 10 year commitment to grass roots sporting clubs is providing vital assistance to local communities
across Australia.
The Esteemed Commodore Nameplate

The esteemed Commodore nameplate

will live on with Holden's next-gen large car.
Capped Price Servicing

Lifetime Capped Price Servicing

Holden has launched the biggest Capped Price Servicing Program in the country, covering every Holden ever built.
Lang Lang Proving Ground

Lang Lang Proving Ground

Holden vehicles will continue to be tuned and tested for Australian conditions and customers with the retention of the Lang Lang Proving Ground in Victoria.