Buckle Up Kids


Buckle Up Kids Overview

Holden's free Child restraint inspection Program called 'Buckle Up Kids' is aimed at raising awareness about the correct use of infant capsules and child restraints in vehicles and helping reduce the injuries that result from the misuse of child restraints. Approximately 70% of child restraints are incorrectly fitted (racv.com.au - Child Safety). 'Buckle Up Kids' aims to help reduce that statistic and promote increased safety in cars.

Buckle Up Kids has been designed to educate parents and give them the confidence to correctly fit and make adjustments themselves to child restraints.

Holden aims to increase awareness through the Buckle Up Kids program by offering the service to owners of all vehicles - not just Holden's. (Please see Buckle Up Kids FAQ for more details on participant eligibility).

Holden has been providing free child restraint checking services to community groups and organisations since 2001.

The Buckle Up Kids program offers free inspections at events hosted by child care centres in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. Events at other venues will be considered upon request.