GM Holden Environment - Case Studies/Water

Holden Engine Operations:

HydroShare - real-time water monitoring and reporting

Holden Engine Operations has established a long-term collaborative partnership with provider South East Water to refine existing water-saving initiatives and to more effectively monitor, analyse and reduce water consumption at its Port Melbourne facility.

A successful HydroShare program, initiated with South East Water in 2006, is an example of industry and government working together to produce significant environmental benefit.

HydroShare is real time online reporting system that uses water main data loggers to manage and monitor water usage at five minute intervals, where previously water consumption data was available on a monthly basis.

Data is automatically uploaded to a secure website for viewing and analysis by HEO, allowing pinpoint monitoring of plant water consumption. The system is particularly efficient at immediately identifying unaccounted-for water usage - spikes in consumption due to leaks or other causes which can be promptly investigated and rectified.

In the first quarter of 2008, South East Water investigators used acoustic leak detection methods to identify a burst water pipe at the HEO facility. The leak was otherwise undetectable in porous soil beneath thick concrete road paving. Following excavation and pipe repair, the HydroShare system quantified the amount of water that was being lost via the burst pipe. Prompt leak detection and repair represented an annual water saving of 74,935 kilolitres.