Holden Dealers join forces with Landcare to form Holden Habitats.

A group of Holden dealers have combined to support a series of important environmental repair projects around Australia.

The project, known as Holden Habitats, will include creek restorations, weed control and revegetation programs, foreshore vegetation, bushland recovery, habitat restoration for native species and water purifying floating islands.

Holden customers now have the opportunity to make a donation to Landcare as part of their servicing charge.

Participating dealers in the Holden Habitat program include City Holden in Adelaide, Bartons Bayside Holden in Brisbane, Heartland Holden in Sydney, Preston Motors Holden in Melbourne and Melville Holden in Perth.

message from Mike Devereux

Landcare Australia CEO Heather Campbell said Holden Habitats was a new environmental initiative that has the potential to make an enormous impact on the environment at a community level.

"The Holden Habitat program is the first step to creating an environmental program that can be adopted by Holden dealerships around Australia," Ms Campbell said.

"The program will provide funding to groups who are currently working hard to protect and repair local environmental issues".

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