Holden is particularly interested in projects that aim to restore and protect the natural environment, particularly surrounding our major facilities.

Landcare Australia - Diamond Partner 2011

Landcare Australia is a not-for-profit organization that supports Landcare, the country's biggest environmental volunteer movement.

Holden has worked with Landcare Australia since 2002 supporting revegetation projects around its major facilities in Port Melbourne and Lang Lang, Victoria, as well as Elizabeth, South Australia. Around 140,000 seedlings have been planted, covering an area equivalent to almost 4,000 tennis courts with native vegetation.

Under a three-year Diamond partnership deal, Holden will be providing support for two new projects in South Australia and Queensland as well as extending its support for existing projects. Holden is the only car manufacturer to partner with Landcare Australia.

The Holden Landcare projects have been tailored to meet the different environmental requirements of each area.

At Westgate Park in Fishermans Bend, Victoria, Holden employees partnered with community groups and local schools to restore the former landfill site and improve the wetland habitat for the endangered growling grass frog.

At Holden's Proving Ground in Lang Lang, Victoria, the Landcare project has led to the creation of an important wildlife corridor in the dense woodland surrounding the site. Nesting boxes have been placed and Holden volunteers have helped monitor endangered possum species.

Close to its vehicle manufacturing plant in Elizabeth, South Australia, Holden supports a project to rehabilitate the Little Para River. Almost 8,000 indigenous shrubs and aquatic seedlings have been planted to help protect the river's banks from erosion and tackle salinity.

Holden Environment Landcare Partnership - H.E.L.P.



In December 2010, Holden and Landcare Australia joined forces to launch H.E.L.P. - Holden Environment Landcare Partnership, a program spanning four states that aims to rebuild native habitats affected by bushfires.

The launch was marked by Holden employees voluntering at Wildhaven Wildlife Shelter (pictured) - a project supported by Landcare Australia that will now benefit from H.E.L.P.

The H.E.L.P. initiative will ensure Australian native animals can be safely rehabilitated before being returned to their habitats.