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It's ok to admit it, safe is sexy and that makes the Barina Spark one good looking proposition

Underneath its compact shell, this 5-door has enough safety to make not only a test dummy blush, but most other cars in its class as well.

ESC Electronic Stability Control

If the vehicle is about to skid, ESC will apply brake pressure to individual wheels as appropriate and trim engine power if required. This dramatically increases turning and cornering safety, particularly in evasive action situations where it helps stop the vehicle skidding out of control.


The Barina Spark's suspension is tuned to deliver a smooth, refined ride with responsive handling across the range.

ABS Anti-Lock Braking System

Barina Spark features ABS as standard. ABS prevents wheel ‘lock up’ during forceful braking. This helps keep your car steerable and directionally stable, and reduces stopping distances on most surfaces.

6 Airbags

For maximum protection in certain collisions, the vehicle will deploy a combination of the Barina Spark's standard front driver, passenger, front side and full length curtain airbags.

ESC incorporating traction control, brake assist, ABS and EBD

This is how ESC helps you avoid accidents. Imagine you have to avoid an unexpected obstacle on the road. You end up with two wheels on the gravel verge and need to brake suddenly...

Traction Control System (TCS)

The Traction Control System (TCS) is designed to minimise wheel spin during acceleration by recognising if either front wheel has insufficient grip, and adjusting driveforce and brakeforce accordingly. It produces greater vehicle stability on wet and icy roads, and also in ‘split’ conditions, such as on bitumen and gravel verge.

Barina Spark Braking systems

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) ABS prevents wheel 'lock up' during forceful braking. This helps keep your car steerable and directionally stable and reduces stopping distances on most surfaces.

Barina Spark chassis

At the heart of Barina Spark's fun-to-drive appeal is its Body Frame Integral (BFI) structure. The total package of BFI structure, along with steering, suspension and braking systems, delivers outstanding handling characteristics that connect the driver to the road.

Noise and vibration

The BFI structure and a host of acoustical applications help Barina Spark achieve superior noise and vibration performance.

Barina Spark

Barina Spark

  • 14" alloy wheels
  • Sports body kit with front fog lamps
  • 6 airbags, ESC and ABS standard
  • Bluetooth®
  • Steering wheel mounted phone & audio controls