Chairman Introduction

GM Holden was the first Australian manufacturer to fit seat belts on all models, the first to introduce an energy-absorbing steering system and a sled-tested child safety capsule, first to offer independent rear suspension on a large car and to utilise supercomputer technology for multiple scenario crash simulation and injury risk measurement.

Holden also led by example with the introduction of driver, passenger and side impact airbags and more recently with the standard fitment of electronic stability control crash avoidance technology on all of its locally produced vehicles.

Data from long-running field accident research and other GM Holden-funded programs has driven many safety development initiatives. The primary focus throughout has been safety system design for the real world driving environment.

Given the globalisation of vehicle development processes within the General Motors organisation, Holden designers and engineers now work to a much broader brief than ever before. They contribute their expertise to major product programs and develop rear wheel drive vehicles for export markets that include the Middle East, the United States, South Africa and Brazil.

Developing cars capable of handling a great diversity of driving environments and climatic conditions and which satisfy demanding regulatory requirements, they engage in a dynamic cross-pollination process, drawing on worldwide GM technological resources and contributing to GM leadership in safety research, engineering and product innovation.

The results of this process are evident in the exemplary levels of safety technology applied to the current Holden vehicle range.

At GM Holden our safety priorities will continue to be guided by analysis of the real-world driving experience and involvement in programs to improve road safety. An understanding of injury risk and strategies to reduce it are the main factors that will help to set our safety policies, guide advanced research and implement future product safety systems.

Mike Devereux
Chairman and Managing Director
GM Holden